10 super awesome to have a website design

Creating business online

Nowadays, rising numbers Website Design or UX/UI designers add interactive/animated elements, like hover states, audio or video media, scrolling interactions and more, to websites in order that their designed interactive websites can attract and encourage more site visitors to read and have interaction with the positioning contents. that’s also why interaction design becomes an amazing trend in website design.

However, the interactive designs of online websites aren’t as easy as imagined. How can we combine these commonly-used interactive/animated elements together more wisely to make a pretty interactive website?

How can I build my on online business?

Here at Sonarcodes will help you create your very own ONLINE BUSINESS, which you can choose our WEB PACKAGES like Starter, Standard, Business and Enterprise package.

You will get all this awesome Elements for a Successful Website

1. Logo and branding elements
2. A hero section including your mission statement and tagline
3. A tempting call to action (CTA)
4. Clear navigation menus
5. an attention grabbing colour scheme
6. On-brand images
7. Highly-readable and fascinating typography
8. Social proof elements
9. Information about your team and/or products
10. Contact information

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